Slyder Pasarelas Alquezar-genérico


The Alquezar Walkways is a mountain route regulated by Municipal Ordinance No. 17.

!! Attention !!

Iconografía - Prohibiciones - apartado INFORMACION -Pasarelas de Alquezar

To complete the route, basic equipment is required depending on the time of year: comfortable clothing, athletic-type footwear, water, etc. As specified in the municipal ordinance, the route is subject to the following prohibitions:

Iconografía - Prohibiciones - apartado 1 -Pasarelas de Alquezar

Heeled or platform shoes, flip-flops, crocs, or any type of sandal not approved for mountain hiking are not allowed on the route.

Iconografía - Prohibiciones - apartado 2 -Pasarelas de Alquezar

The route cannot be completed while carrying coolers, floatation devices, umbrellas, or any other somewhat bulky objects that may pose a safety risk.

Iconografía - Prohibiciones - apartado 3 -Pasarelas de Alquezar

Entry is prohibited from the viewpoint in the direction opposite to that indicated by informational signs and the appointed guide.

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