Slyder Pasarelas Alquezar-genérico

Recommendations and frequently asked questions

Carefully read these tips, FOLLOW them, and you will enjoy much more. They are for your SAFETY. The Walkways of Alquézar stand for Respect, Cleanliness, Safety, and Silence.

“The route of the walkways of Alquézar may entail risks to a greater or lesser extent, as it takes place in a natural environment and depends on the physical condition of each participant, as well as their equipment, technique, and weather conditions. Participating in this activity implies the acceptance of this fact, and it is necessary to be prepared for the activity.”
1. 1. Plan your visit:

Carefully read the characteristics of the route and the route's recommendations.

Consider weather factors (rain, high heat...)
Assess your physical ability.

2. 2. Choosing the time

Remember that the walkway route is a mountain path, which, although short, is not free from certain difficulties. When choosing the time at which you will undertake the route, take into account several factors

- The opening and closing hours vary with the seasons, as the hours of sunlight also vary with them. You will find information on these schedules on this website at all times.

- • On days marked as having maximum attendance, if possible, avoid the central hours of the day (between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM), as these are the hours when you are most likely to encounter crowds

- On very hot days, avoid the central hours (in this case, the time range is extended, between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM), since the last kilometer of the route is a constant uphill climb and you will find little shade. Also, plan to bring plenty of water, as there is no drinking water along the entire route. ATTENTION PEOPLE WITH CARDIO-RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS

- On rainy days, you may find very slippery and/or waterlogged sections (even sections where water flows), so plan to wear suitable clothing and footwear

- Consider the profile of people in your group, including seniors, people with reduced mobility or cardio-respiratory issues, and children. Avoid times of maximum heat and adjust entry to the closing time. As a general rule, the closing time is calculated so that you can complete the route in 2 hours, before nightfall. And remember that the emergency phone line ceases to be operational 2 hours after said closing

- In winter months, avoid choosing an excessively early time to undertake the route. The staff may perform occasional closures due to the presence of ice on the walkways

Can the route be closed on certain days?

The route is open all year round, except:

- Days of construction or maintenance. These activities make it impossible to pass through some parts of the route or may pose a risk to visitors. These days will be marked on the calendar.

- IF THE WALKWAY STAFF DETERMINES THAT ACCESS COULD BE DANGEROUS, OR TRANSIT IMPOSSIBLE (DUE TO HIGH RIVER LEVELS or emergency repairs), ACCESS MAY BE BLOCKED. In that case, and if you have already purchased your ticket through this website, we will proceed with a refund.

Where to park? In the upper area of the village. Parking is not allowed in the town center.

Alquézar is a Medieval Village, so parking is not permitted in the town center.
The most recommended parking area is the upper area of the village. There are two large, well-signposted parking areas. (Follow the signs and directions at the roundabout leading into the village).
Additionally, from there, you can enjoy a magnificent view of the town, its Collegiate Church, and the geological environment of the Sierra de Guara and the Vero Canyon.

5. Direction of travel: it begins at the entry control point.

The route starts at the information and entry control point, located next to the town hall.

6. Footwear

It is essential to wear good footwear that guarantees a solid grip and secure fit. Incidents from slips and/or sprains are the most common, especially when the path is wet.

Remember that the walkway route is a mountain path, and as such, appropriate footwear is necessary. Entry will not be allowed with any type of footwear such as flip-flops, Crocs, platforms, heels, or sandals that are not specifically designed for mountain use.

7. Equipment, depending on the season and weather.

Dress appropriately for the season and weather conditions. Remember that part of the trail goes through shaded and damp areas in winter, and other parts can be very hot in summer. Check the weather forecast for the date you wish to undertake the route.

8. Water-hydration-sun protection.

In summer, bring enough water and sun protection.
There are no water fountains along the route, and on hot days, the last part can be strenuous.
Protect yourself from the sun with a hat or similar and, if necessary, sunscreens.

Pets. Dogs must not be off-leash.

If you bring pets, especially dogs, they MUST NOT be off-leash. (Sierra and Cañones de Guara Natural Park Regulations). Additionally, they can be a nuisance to others, so please keep this in mind to avoid unpleasant incidents.

THE WALKWAY SECTIONS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR DOGS. Keep in mind that the structure of the walkways is made of metal grating, with holes that may cause them issues.

10. Vertigo.

Parts of the route go through aerial zones. In general, the sensation of height or emptiness is not experienced. However, the first three sections of walkways are between 5 and 10 meters high, and the final section is about 20 meters above the riverbed. This last part can be avoided by taking an alternative path.

11. Bicycle: not a cyclable route.

The route is NOT suitable for bicycles of any kind.

12. Children

The walkway route is family-friendly. There is no recommended minimum age, but parents must be responsible and aware of their child's physical capabilities. CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS OLD OR WEIGHING LESS THAN 15 KILOGRAMS MUST BE CARRIED IN A BACKPACK since the route includes steep inclines and rugged terrain, making it difficult for children to
move independently and causing them to tire more easily than on a conventional path. The route starts with a downhill section with steep slopes, requiring full attention, so carrying children in your arms is not allowed.

Also, the walkway railings are wire ropes, so children must be closely monitored and should never go alone.

13. Babies in backpacks?

The walkway route can be done with baby backpacks under the responsibility of the parents. Be aware that there may be slippery areas and narrow passages where you have to bend down. Detailed explanations will be given at the start of the route.

Suitable for older people? Yes, depending on physical condition.

Physical condition and appropriate footwear are more critical than age. A minimum level of physical fitness is required, as this is a mountain route with some technical sections.

We strongly recommend good footwear that grips well and to be cautious. Take your time; we are in a mountain environment with unstable, slippery, uphill, and downhill sections. This route is not recommended for people with heart conditions. Especially the final part and on hot days can be strenuous.

There are softer routes available in Alquézar. Inquire at the Tourist Office.

15. Not a swimming area.

This is a Protected Natural Area: You may also not shout or make noises that disturb the natural tranquility and other visitors. The walkway route is NOT A SWIMMING AREA. It is a hiking route.

16. Responsibility and civic behavior. Respect. Cleanliness and silence.

The walkways are visited each year by more than a hundred thousand people. It is everyone's responsibility to respect the environment and other visitors. The walkway route is not a theme park; it is a Protected Natural Area in which EVERYONE must contribute to its preservation through actions such as: NO fires, NO shouting, NO littering (wrappers, papers, cigarette butts...). NO vandalism. Respect the local flora and fauna, as well as the safety measures in place.

Let's enjoy the route and preserve it for future generations to enjoy. It is everyone's responsibility, and we all must contribute.

Walkway route map

Download the Walkway Route Map.

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