Slyder Pasarelas Alquezar-genérico

Route fee

For constant maintenance and cleaning of the route, in addition to a permanent information and advisory service.


Please read the characteristics of the route and the route recommendations carefully.
In order to have a maintenance and cleaning service for the walkway infrastructure and its surroundings, and thus contribute to its conservation for the enjoyment of all visitors.

Also, by obtaining your ticket you acquire an incident service, which is activated from the phone number you will see printed on the ticket. If during the route you suffer or detect any serious incident and/or accident, contact 112 EUROPEAN EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBER directly; they will mobilize the appropriate professionals to carry out the rescue as soon as possible. For any other incidents: possible loss on the route, lost items, minor incidents (fatigue, heat stroke, etc.), you can contact us through the incident phone number printed on the ticket.

This service ceases to operate two hours after the closing time.

We recommend that you take this factor into account depending on the time of year in which you do the route and the people with whom you do it (elderly people, people with mobility problems, or children). You will also obtain insurance against possible accidents on the route.


A refund will only be made when:

The walkway staff determine that access could be dangerous, or transit impossible (due to a significant rise in the river or emergency repairs).

It will not be refunded for lack of attendance of some or all group members.


People who make the journey, over 12 years old (12 years included), for the use of the infrastructure owned by the Municipality of Alquézar.

Those exempt from payment:

  • Individuals under 11 years, inclusive.

Amount of the fee to be paid:

  • 5€ / person.
  • 2€ / person Affiliated in Mountain Sports (with accreditation).

When you purchase the entry ticket, you will choose a time to start the route.

The time to start the route: The one you have chosen when purchasing the ticket.

Any incident related to the use and functioning of the ticket sales website should be reported to the following phone number and email address: +34976004912

No need to print the document. Buy your ticket here.

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