Slyder Pasarelas Alquezar-genérico

Technical Features

Step by Step

This is a semi-equipped mountain route, 3km in length with a positive elevation gain of 180 meters. You will find areas of uneven terrain and areas of walkways located in an idyllic setting that encapsulates the scenic, cultural, and environmental essence of the Natural Park of Sierra and the Canyons of Guara.

Technical Features
1- Start:

The route begins near Rafael Ayerbe Square (formerly Plaza Mayor), right next to the Town Hall of the Village. Here you will find someone who will inform you on how to obtain your ticket and provide information about the route.

You will find someone to inform you on how to obtain your ticket and provide information about the route.

2- First section. Descent to the Río Vero through the Barranco de la Fuente

Descend from Alquézar to the Río Vero through the lush Barranco de la Fuente.
This descent is the most technical part of the route due to a constant elevation loss of 180 meters and uneven terrain. Some sections are equipped with wooden walkways.
Pay close attention on rainy days or just after, as the terrain becomes much more slippery and there is the possibility of water flowing along the path.

3- Second section. At the Río Vero

In this section, we will find areas of dirt and stone paths and four elevated walkways.
The first three elevated walkway sections have a length of between 50 and 100 meters and a height of between 5 and 10 meters.
The last elevated walkway section has a length of 200 meters and a height of between 20 and 25 meters. This last walkway is optional. An emergency exit is available, which you will see marked shortly before beginning this section.
Alquézar Walkways Cave.

4. Third section. Return to Alquézar.

Through a track, and later a somewhat steep and rocky path, passing between almond trees, olive trees, and lush gardens, we return to Alquézar.
This is a very hot climb, so it is essential to save water for it.
The trail leaves us in the parking lot located just below the Church of San Miguel. If we go up towards this, we arrive at the fronton square, near the Tourist Office.

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